What is a quick and easy weekend workout?

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Going to the gym can feel like a chore and that deters us from spending time on our health and fitness. Whether you are committed to a daily workout or just trying to get in shape, sometimes you don't have time during the week. No one wants to commit too many hours on a Saturday or Sunday, it's the weekend and time to unwind. However, we acknowledge that lacking a workout during the week can make us feel guilty about letting go on our days off. Being able to satisfy your mind AND body with an easy weekend workout will take no longer than 30 minutes. This workout will be a challenge, but worth it if you want to shrug off indulging on some late night pizza. Let's begin:

This is a non-stop, timed, circuit workout.

Pick 4 main lifts that you regularly do. A recommendation would be compound lifts like back squat, front squat, dead lift, power cleans, snatches, front press, bench press, pull ups, etc. (A compound lift does not isolate a certain muscle group, but engages many to build quality muscle faster.)

The amount of sets and repetitions will be an inverted pyramid or a 1-10. Each set is as many reps (1st set: 1 rep, 2nd set: 2 reps, 3rd set: 3 reps, and so on). Depending on how much weight you want to use, you can lessen the pyramid. A 1-7 will be heavier than a 1-10. You will start from 1 rep, and work your way up (it will get harder as you go!). A 1-7 is 28 reps and a 1-10 is 45 reps per lift.

The goal is to pick a weight for each lift that you can do for the maximum number in your pyramid. If it's a 1-7, use the weight you would typically do for a 4 sets of 7 reps lift. If it's a 1-10, use the weight you would for a 4 sets of 10 lift. If you don't know know what weight to use, choose something that is heavy enough to move without compromising good lifting form. The weight will remain the same the entire workout.

You will go through your 4 lifts in sequence, continuously and as fast as you can. The amount of time this workout will take is up to you! The idea is to keep your heart rate up while still giving your muscles a pump. Your resting and water breaks should keep this in mind. A 1-7 ranges from 12-25 minutes and a 1-10 can take up to 30 minutes. Take time to catch your breath between sets when necessary, but try to continue through your series with as few timeouts as possible. Remember to keep your lifts in order (Back squat-1, front press-1, dead lift-1, bench press-1: Back squat-2, front press-2, etc...) The first few sets will be quick, but you will likely need some rest nearing your last.

This easy weekend workout should only be easy on your time. You should be feeling the burn, especially once you get to the higher set numbers. If you want to do this workout multiple days, try combining different lifts.

Tip sheet:

1. Write down your times (challenge yourself to go faster next time)

2. Go to the gym at a less popular time if possible (you'll be using a few things at once)

3. Have your towel and water close (keep your breaks short)

4. Keep your stations close if possible (keep your breaks short)

5. Challenge yourself to go fast; Sweat. (earn that appetizer you've been craving)

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