What Are the Best Muscle Building Supplements?

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Arnold Schwarzenneger popularized bodybuilding and working out with his remarkably aesthetic physique. Ever since the idea that one could achieve the body of their dreams through consistent training and proper nutrition, people have been flocking to gyms to work out and become bigger and stronger. After a time, however, the industry came to a halt. Workouts were grueling and the results were difficult to achieve. People became discouraged and stopped working out after the hours of effort yielded minuscule results. In order to keep the gym culture in American thriving, the supplements industry came into being.

Supplements are not altogether new. Arnold himself used home-made protein shakes to improve his physique and training intensity. Supplements are simply in place to provide quicker results at a premium price. All different sorts of supplements exist in the world today, from greens supplements to testosterone boosters. These are overly complicated and often used as shortcuts. It should be made clear that supplements are intended to be additions to an excellent nutrition and training regimen. Without a strong base to supplement, the products are wasted and, therefore, a needless and senseless expense. Provided that the training and nutrition components are in place, protein and creatine are the two essential form of supplementation that does not have any harmful side-effects. These are the best muscle building supplements available.

Protein is divided into two major categories. The first is whey. Whey protein is derived from milk and frequently consumed immediately after one finished their workout. The reason for this is simple: whey protein is absorbed very quickly, and your body requires a quick source of nourishment after working out. Whey shuttles protein and amino acids to your tired muscles and stimulates the growth desired. Essentially the framework for an impressive physique, whey protein is simplest and most effective means of increasing protein intake, a vital component in the muscle building process.

The second type of protein is casein. Casein protein is the opposite of whey in that it is a very slow digesting protein. This means it is not optimal for immediate consumption post-workout. Rather, it is best used before bed so that your body can repair and generate new muscle tissue while you sleep. The slow moving proteins are stored in the muscles allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready for another day of training. By maximizing your recovery, your are simultaneously maximizing your results.

Creatine is the most researched supplements, and one of the few statistically proven to work. By retaining water and stimulating ATP in your muscle fibers, creatine allows you the luxury of greater strength and mass. By giving you greater strength, creatine allows you to move more weight than normal, stimulating greater muscle breakdown and, therefore, greater muscle growth. Furthermore, creatine causes your muscles to swell, increasing their size and density, giving you the mass you work so hard in the gym for. There are many forms of creatine on the market, but creatine monohydrate is the most studied and most effective form. It is also the least expensive, increasing its appeal. With all of these supplements in your arsenal, your time in the gym is maximized and your results are sure to be impressive. The best muscle building supplements are the future of training.

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